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Want More Money?

507 Ways to Have Money
by Will Green and Earl Strumpell

Debt HurtsWant to start saving and not sure how to do it? Or looking for new and innovative ways to save? Chockfull of ideas and website help, this book is for you!

Even if you use only one or two of these tips, reading this book changes the way you think about money. You???ll start looking for ways to creatively handle your finances. It becomes a game, and before long you are on the road to financial freedom.

You will learn real ways of actually saving money in all areas of your life ??? your finances, utilities, groceries, telephone expenses, household expenses, insurance, car expenses, education, medical expenses, home office, home repairs and maintenance, gift buying, raising children, pets, and travel. It???s often the small things you do that can add up to big savings. By utilizing these tips you can increase your wealth by many thousands of dollars over a short period of time.

This book will jumpstart you in coming up with your own money-saving ideas. Send them to us at www.507 ways.com for our next printing, and we???ll send you $50 for each one published! Join us in helping others lead a joyful life, free of financial worries!

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