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Get out of Debt

Debt Hurts
by Will Green and Earl Strumpell

Debt HurtsIf you’ve ever been in debt, even slightly or for a short time, you know it hurts. It attacks your self-esteem, drains your creativity, diminishes your ability to think clearly, and you can become engulfed in a sense of shame. Your family suffers.

Reading Debt Hurts …

  • helps you understand how you got into debt. Debt is encouraged by our society. Before you know it, you’ve been conned into thinking you’re leading the good life.
  • encourages you to take back your power. Financial freedom is possible. You will learn to position yourself for wealth.
  • teaches you in simple direct words the fundamentals of money and how to move your money to its best advantage. You’ll learn the power of not using credit cards, of optimizing time and compound interest; you’ll understand mortgages, credit scores, how to pay off your home in record time, and all about financially educating your children.
  • allows you to dream a little. Just suppose that all of your paycheck could be used for your family without having to repay any debt. How would you feel? How different would your life be? Apply the principles of this book and know with certainty that a greater life is ahead of you!

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