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Five Must Have Success Books

Will’s Favorite Success Books
Compiled by Will Green and Earl Strumpell

Debt HurtsFrom the 10,000 plus volumes of books in Will Green’s library, he has chosen four books that have been the most instrumental to his success. All are out of print, and the originals, if you can find them, are costly. Combined in this book are the four reprinted books, all dealing with the fundamental secrets of wealth and how you can achieve it. Secrets you can’t afford not to know!

The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles, 1910.
This powerful book teaches you the timeless principles of your birthright which is an always expanding, fuller, and more abundant life. Learn how to align yourself with your birthright and through the rock solid power of focused faith, application, and gratitude assure yourself of a life of riches and prosperity.

Seed Money, John Hoshor, 1960.
This inspiring book teaches you how to think of money as a living means of acquiring good for yourself and for everyone. Learn the exciting Law of the Tenfold Return and how to claim it. Understand how gifting blesses and, without any doubt, returns blessings. You may not know where or how it returns, but you will see this law in action! You will see it work for you!

Seed Money in Action, Jon P. Speller, D.D., 1965.
This encouraging book, a rewrite of Seed Money from a Christian perspective, teaches you how Seed Money multiplies, why it multiplies and shows you how to follow the principles and methods of the Law of the Tenfold Return.

Reality in Advertising, Rosser Reeves, 1965.
Over forty years old, this book is still considered one of the greats in modern advertising. Learn all the success tools of this industry, particularly the importance of the unique selling proposition, the basis of all good marketing and selling. A must for all who are in business for themselves.

Included in this collection is a book written by Will Green and Earl Strumpell:

Tithing, Seed Tithing and Offerings
Learn the difference in these three forms of gifting money, all given as a form of love and respect. Based on the principle of reaping what we sow, these different ways of gifting can bless and reward you and others beyond measure. You’ll be amazed at the harvest.

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