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Expand Your Client Base

Will Green’s Master Referral Marketing System

Debt HurtsDo you realize that there are people you have known or are about to know who want to help you or your business grow? This scientifically designed course, compete with a CD-Rom, will teach you how to very quickly access them.

Referral marketing, which has been around for eons, has finally been organized into a simple, workable system. This system understands that people naturally want to help other people, and the more people who know of your goals, passions, and needs, the more life moves to fulfill them.

You will learn ways of accessing the most important database you have ‘ the vast number of people who have crossed your path since kindergarten. By asking specific questions that engage your subconscious on five separate levels, you’ll start triggering people and situations that will be mutually rewarding. You’ll realize that the relationships you develop are one of the most valuable assets you possess for succeeding.

You will learn the importance of three types of people: the connectors, the trusted advisors, and the storytellers as well as the Rule of 250 to expand your circle of influence.

This book is a must for every person in sales, network marketing, ministry, or in business for themselves. Applying the principles of this course will assure that your organization will expand in multiples you’ll find hard to imagine. Your success is at hand!

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